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Thursday, May 04, 2006


So when I was working at CORD, my superviser got married...and I got a turban...


Divya108 said...


SUCH a cute pic!:) haha:)

You seem to have an obsession with the word 'So' :p

CK said...

Now thats a Kewl Looking dude!!!!!

Jwalant said...

Wow, man great shots of everything including the jallian wala bagh.. i always get tingles in my feet.. just imagining that place when the incident happened.. And to think there are a lot more places like that right now in the world..

But great shots of the natural beauty of india dalhousie, kanjjar.. and the golden temple. Infact, swati loved the golden temple shots in particular;)

Take care bro and keep up the good work adn for the caption:

Thums up piyo, majhe udao, tu samjha kya!!

Matthew Jepsen said...

Very becoming my friend!

radha said...

LOVE IT! since all the grooms in Sidhbari seem to wear western clothes on their big day - u could have passed for the groom... hmmm... it must mean you're next in line to the "tie the knot" or "walk around the fire"! Keep the turban handy!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hrishi, I wish many Indians who live in India had an opportunity like you to see their own country in depth.

I am glad to say my nephew has seen and been to a few of the choicest places.

Good pics. Jaggi

Anonymous said...

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