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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lahul an Spiti

So i've pretty much slowed down my travels. I'm in Patna right now (where they have ESPN!) but I head of to Bombay on a 36 hour train ride...no don't say "ouch"...I get to see the Indian country side, which is so different in different parts of the country.

Anyways, sometime back I told you about Matty, from Canbera. Well, he's now in the Lahul and Spiti valley in Eastern Himachal, and some of the pics he's taken are awesome. I feel I should have gone there instead...check it out...



Jigglypuff said...

Wow, they are fantastic! U can still go if u want rite?

swati said...

wow!! picture post card type of images!
u should go if you can, there is still time...

Matthew Jepsen said...

Hrishi my friend! Thanks for the props. It's very easy to take a nice photo in Spiti Valley - all you do is point and shot, and beauty is captured.

Don't get down that you didn't go though champ. From reading your blog your time seems to have anything but wasted. AND there's always next time, those mountains aren't goign anywhere and due to it's remoteness and short tourist season I doubt it shall change much.

Matthew Jepsen said...

aarhh my engrish is not so good

Divya108 said...


Where are you?!?!:(

Blog already! :(



P.S - Friday is d-day

swati said...

dear fellow blog voyeurs- hrishi as far as he would tell me tuesday, was in tirupati this past week.
i cannot account for his whereabouts now, but my point is that on the 10th and 11th of july he was in Tirupati and not in mumbai.

Anonymous said...

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